Asset Protection and Hidden Assets

The assets involved in a divorce influence almost every facet of the divorce agreement, including child support, spousal support and property division. Inevitably, disputes over the figures and claimed assets may arise. At Lerner Poole & Stewart, LLP, we are equipped to represent your interests in these disagreements, providing sophisticated investigation services to find hidden or moved assets that should be included in the divorce agreement.

San Francisco Marital Asset Attorney

In the state of California, an automatic temporary restraining order is set in place as soon as the divorce is filed, locking assets and preventing either spouse from moving or disposing assets without the consent of the other. We carefully evaluate your spouse’s behavior in the time leading up to the divorce to ensure that he or she has upheld proper fiduciary duty, acting with responsibility until the assets have been divided. California law takes the disclosure of assets very seriously and there are harsh consequences to a spouse when he or she has failed to disclose an asset.

We work closely with a network of experts skilled in forensic accounting. They carefully comb the necessary files and records to discover any breaches in a spouse’s fiduciary duty. This includes:

  • Offshore accounts and international banks
  • Questionable business accounting
  • Transfer of funds or “repayments” to employees
  • Payments for non-existing services
  • Stock options, retirement plans, bonuses and other employment benefits

Asset Protection and Hidden Assets in California

Our lawyers have the experience and financial background to find these assets and ensure that you are provided the outcome you are entitled to, protecting you from marital fraud.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss your situation and begin the process of discovering included assets, please contact our office today at (415) 391-6000.

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