Contempt and Enforcement

As a single parent raising a child, it is sometimes difficult to provide your children the level of support that a dual income family would or that has been established by the court in a child support agreement. When the children’s other parent stops paying what he or she is obligated to pay or pays in amounts that are insufficient, you need someone on your side, helping you get the money you need.

San Francisco Child Support Enforcement Lawyer

At Lerner Poole & Stewart, LLP, our attorneys assist parents seeking to enforce child support agreements on a parent who has stopped paying. We have the resources and insight needed to address the matter and timely resume the payments.

You do not have to raise your children without the assistance of the other parent. There are steps you can take. Through legal action, you can take a variety of measures to get the support that you and your children need. This includes:

  • Wage assignment
  • Writ of execution
  • Judgment lien on real property
  • Contempt proceedings
  • Deposit of assets to secure child support payments
  • Penalties for unpaid child support

Most commonly, the wage or earnings assignment is utilized to ensure the payment of support. The court can also order a change in custody or visitation agreements. In more extreme cases, the individual can be jailed or harshly fined through a contempt action to ensure that he or she makes good on child support obligations.

Marin County Contempt Actions Lawyer

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