Protective and Restraining Orders

When your safety or that of your children is at stake, you need to take swift and decisive action, seeking protection. At Lerner Poole & Stewart, LLP, we will guide you to the resources and orders you need to protect yourself and your children.

San Mateo County Restraining Order Lawyer

The abusive individual does not necessarily need to be a spouse. You can seek a protective order against anyone you are living with domestically, including a significant other, relative or even roommate.

The protective order will restrict the abusive person from your workplace, school, home or any location near you or your children. It also works to prevent the individual from owning dangerous guns or weapons.

Emergency protective orders — In place for five days, this order provides immediate protection and can be issued quickly.

Domestic violence temporary restraining order — This is in place for three weeks and can be rolled over into a more permanent arrangement.

Criminal protective order — This order restricts communication, except through an attorney, and can be obtained through the district attorney’s office in instances of active domestic violence.

It is important that we collect all documentation of the abuse or harassment especially police reports. We will provide this, along with witness accounts and evidence, to the judge who will decide if an order is necessary.

The other party has the opportunity to hire representation, decreasing your chances of getting the order. We are skilled in litigation and in these matters, and you can be assured that we will staunchly stand to protect your safety and that of your children.

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