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Many times, individuals come to us after months of marriage counseling, in a situation that continues to crumble. Divorce is inevitable, and they simply need guidance in reaching the best outcome possible for themselves and their children. As an individual begins planning for divorce in California, it is important that he or she seek trusted legal counsel proactively to achieve the best possible outcome from the division.

San Francisco County Asset and Property Lawyer

At Lerner Poole & Stewart, LLP, we help couples and individuals navigate the choppy waters of divorce and property division. We proactively counsel clients through the process of making key decisions surrounding assets, marital assets, credit cards, bank accounts, stock and stock option accounts, retirement plans and other considerations, both financial and personal.

With a significant focus on high net worth divorce, our firm has the insight and understanding to protect your financial interests, helping you prepare your assets and income for the pending split.

Our attorneys can provide insight into the best timing in beginning the process and filing for divorce. You will enter the proceedings fully prepared with a complete understanding of your rights and responsibilities.

Protecting the Best Interests of Your Children

This period can be overwhelming and intimidating, particularly if children are involved. We will guide you toward options that protect the best interests of the children, even before a divorce action has been filed. This can include therapy and other tools to help you break the news to your children in a healthy manner.

Despite the difficult nature of this decision and its potential impact on your life, we are here to assist you. We will direct you through the process with the perspective and care that you can trust and will guide you toward a more secure and healthy future for yourself and your children.

To arrange a consultation to discuss the details of your situation and imminent divorce, please call our office today at (415) 391-6000.

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